Hilot Massage

massage hands

Originating in the Philippines, Hilot is a hands-on healing art that involves intuition and massage. A Hilot therapist, called manghihilot or albularyo, is trained in massage and body-mind connections. Although Hilot is a deep-tissue massage the touch is gentle. The manghihilotintuitively scans the body with hand touching as a means to diagnose areas which are energetically imbalanced. With this information in hand the manghihilot will zero in on those areas to work on to give balance and relief. Each session is unique because of the focus on treating problematic areas.

Hilot is not the typical massage a person would seek out as a relaxation form of touch therapy. For this reason you will unlikely find this type of massage on a typical "menu" of massages to choose from in a spa setting. Its focus is to identify problems in the body and correct them. A Hilot session may result in easing stress and relaxing tense muscles, but the massage itself could actually be less than relaxing... causing some deep tissue discomfort. It is a matter of getting to the source of pain and bringing balance.

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